About Us

Who Are We

I am an engineer by trade who caught the club racing bug a few years back and has been tinkering with race motors and bike building ever since.  After getting tired of not understanding exactly how every component of an engine affects other components I set out to learn and teach myself.  I now like to share my learnings with other curious racers. For those that are still at times intimidated by the whole engine building process I offer a handful of services and parts to get them started while at the same time explaining every detail along the way.

I am a dealer for Ohlins, CP-Carrillo, Woodcraft and Hotbodies and only sell what I ride.  If you want to learn more, are looking for a good deal on some parts, or just have a question feel free to contact me at info@dark-arts-racing-engines.com.

D.A.R.E. to go Fast!